#StandingOut with Julia Westfall and Katrina Padron

October 27, 2016

Over the past twenty years, Julia Westfall has worked with many small businesses (from retailers to architects to marketers to non-profits) as a Human Resource & Finance Director. In addition to providing standard bookkeeping, cash flow, payroll, tax planning, financial statement preparation, audit management and overall business planning services, she streamlined their financial processes and procedures to reduce the costs of these services to her clients. From a human resources perspective, she also has helped them develop employee handbooks, manage their benefits and compensation packages, establish 401(k) plans, FSA’s and other employee benefit options.

Julia also has experience helping build organizations from the ground up. An early venture was running the first PC retail store in the country for Wang Laboratories, an innovative technology Fortune 500 company. She later became a co-founder of a DC Public Charter School, where she helped build a charter school from the application process to it’s opening and continued on as the Director of Finance for four more years.

Early in her career she also worked for IBM, as a systems engineer and sales person, as well as Wang, in marketing and sales management, which helped provide her with critical sales, marketing and management skills that she still utilizes today.

She is passionate about building a platform for female entrepreneurs to collaborate and support each other because of the experiences she has had in her own career. She found that the possibility to improve the value of your as well as other’s work product is exponentially greater through collaboration and believes that one plus one can equal twenty with the right spirit and opportunity.

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